We are calling for a multitude of 1,000 in our community to join our mission to help us continue to give life and hope back to young women whose lives have been shattered by childhood traumas, addictions, and abuse.

Thanks to our generous supporters we are able to reach out and make an impact in lives of several women, young and old, in our community.  But there is still so much yet to do. There are young women literally dying due to lack of care, and lack of proper resources that are willing to target the problem — instead of simply naming it and covering it up with a multitude of prescription drugs.

God has called us all to help the widows and orphans, to extend a hand in his name by bringing healing and deliverance to all who are afflicted, to administer the love of Christ to hurting people, and to disciple those he has called.

That is exactly what we do at Restoration House, but we need those who share the same belief system with us to stand up and provide financial support so that we can continue to do what Jesus has called us to do. Whether you are a man or woman, you can be part of our 1,000 strong! If you are a woman, you can even check out our 1 of 1,000 Women Strong parties to see how you can help spread even more awareness!

Be 1 of 1,000 Strong with your $10 monthly donation