Come Visit Us Today

New store hours starting January 1, 2021:

Mon – Thurs 8:30am – 5:30pm/Fri 8:30am-4:30pm

Closed Saturday and Sunday

1204 N. Moody St
Victoria, Texas

  • We take donations of all sorts: clothing, household goods, furniture and appliances, sporting goods and automobiles no matter the condition.  What is trash to you is treasure to us.
  • We pay your donation forward to other community groups in need, including families experiencing great loss or need.
  • In the winter, we give away all coats & blankets we receive to the homeless, coats for kids, and anyone else in need.
  • Anyone who is homeless, in a homeless shelter, or a halfway house can shop for clothes and shoes at no cost and get a shower in our “Showers of Grace.”

Jeans for Teens

Providing school clothes to homeless school children.

Contact Us to Donate Items

RHM Gleanings is a resale shop that accepts donations of all kinds.  We in turn use the proceeds to help fund the Restoration House for women.

Items in our store are also re-distributed to meet the needs of people in our community. We work with local churches, schools and homeless shelters to make sure the people in our community that need clothes, shoes, blankets and coats are provided for through the generous donations that are given to us.

Testimonials on RHM Gleanings

I was so impressed with the patience they had today for a customer with questions and concerns! The customer had a hard time understanding and following but they never once acted bothered or annoyed. They even went down from $2 to $1 on the price because he was confused over it not being a dollar! It was great to see that people really do practice what they preach!! Great job guys!

Karen Gregory Taylor

Absolutely one of my favorite shops!

Tammy Radke

What a wonderful way to bless the public and the houses for the women!! Beautiful items and clothing…. Love the new look too! Great job! God bless!

Brooke Leah Navarro