Restoration House started as a desire to help women get off drugs and alcohol. This desire evolved into a mission to minister the redemptive power of Jesus Christ’s love.

The Program

Restoration House Ministries is a program which serves a diverse population.
1. The average stay is 8 months.
2. Our programs are centered in biblical principles and the teachings of Jesus Christ.
3. Residents do not work while enrolled in the program.
4. There is no charge for any part of the program.
5. We accept no government funds or funds with strings attached.
RHM is dedicated to providing excellent program services for all those who commit to change, allowing them to recognize their self worth & preparing them to reach their full potential as effective leaders in their community.

The Path to Restoration

restoration house bible study

The curriculum consists of studies that focus on helping residents overcome their past, change their thought processes and learn to manage their emotions. They study, read, journal and of course, pray. Our curriculum is faith-based and centered around a biblical world-view. It includes authors Tony Evans, Charles Stanley, Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. Townsend, and Neil T. Anderson and others.

restoration house kitchenRestoration House also helps residents develop life skills and disciplines to prepare them for life after RHM. They are responsible for keeping the home clean, doing all the cooking, planting and harvesting the vegetable garden.

After 60 days, the residents in the men’s program will participate in our volunteer program. They will assist the elderly and single women with light maintenance, yard work, and automobile care.

Community volunteers teach classes in public speaking, etiquette, sewing and cooking, maintenance and mechanics.

Of the women who enter our program due to addiction,

Over 90% of those who complete the RHM program do not go back to their old lifestyle.

Many successfully re-enter the lives of their children and many are able to continue their education.

Restoration House graduatesWe partner with Dr. Sidney Onti and his Residency Program at DeTar Hospital to regulate any medications they may come into the program with. Sometimes our women are on 10 to 30 different medications from several different sources. We help identify what is needed and what may be causing more harm. Dr. Onti also provides his services in-house with monthly visit checkups to help our residents become physically healthy. They also see a counselor once per week.

We take care of “ALL” needs, mind, body and spirit. We teach healthy eating habits and provide only the best source of food to produce menus that reflect a healthy lifestyle. Healthy nutrition helps heal the damage of abuse and self-medication.

Contact us

If you’re interested in teaching a bible or life skills class or helping in our resale shop, please complete the form and someone will contact you.

Hear how RHM has helped

“I found the love of Jesus Christ here in a way I never received it before! I believe in my heart, it was the leadership’s example to seek God first.  I watched first hand, godly women, show me JESUS. This was exactly what I needed.

Thank you RHM! God truly used you to bring restoration to my life.  For that, I highly recommend anyone seeking a life-changing, soul transforming experience, apply within these walls! Stay put, plug in and hold on.  Then, LET GO! YOU do have to work hard, but it is well worth it!”


“I just graduated Restoration House and I feel so confident that I am going to great out here in this world, for God and me. I just thank God for picking Mrs. Theresa, and her being willing to let God work in her. I truly feel that God has, still is, changing my heart’s desires and replacing them with His plans for my life.”


“I know the staff of Restoration House to be faithful in word and deed.  I give God glory for my daughter who was given love and support in her own restoration journey here.  Thank you all who serve in HIS kingdom!”

Patricia, Mother of RHM Graduate